Non-metal dental crowns

All the dental-crowns in our clinic are made by using the advanced CAD/CAM technology, which results in extremely high-quality, durable and natural-looking crowns.

What is a non-metal dental crown?

Non-metal crown is a non-metal prosthetic solution used in situations when a patient has weak, consumed or broken teeth. It is made of zirconia and it is biocompatible, strong and durable. Due to its transparency, it imitates well the natural look of tooth. The final result of using non-metal crowns is natural and a pretty smile. Besides that, the result is also a happy patient that shares his most honest emotions with us. That makes us happy and that is why we think our profession is so special.

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Non-metal dental crowns – clinical cases

When designing your smile, we use the materials that are the leading materials in the world.

frank-zubi-prije.jpg frank-zubi-poslije.jpg

Frank came to our clinic after seeing the work we did on his compatriots. Patient’s plan of therapy included insertion of dental implants, putting dental crowns in zirconia, doing root canal treatments and teeth whitening.


jimmy-zubi-prije.jpg jimmy-zubi-poslije.jpg

Jimmy had a difficult situation as a result of his medical past. After going through detailed Digital Smile Design protocol, patient accepted our plan of therapy. It included root canal treatments, dental zirconia crowns and insertion of dental implants. After completed therapy, the patient went back to Denmark with his new and healthy smile.


Why are non-ceramic crowns better for dental implants than titanium crowns?

By using zirconia dental crowns, nowadays with the help of advanced technologies and high-quality materials, we are able to perfectly imitate, esthetically as well as functionally, the look of a natural tooth. Main characteristic of zirconia crown is its esthetic feature which makes it a perfect choice for all those patients who want natural and pretty smile.

izgled ugrađenih zubnih krunica


Non-metal (zirconia) dental crowns when compared with metal crowns that include using more material, have better esthetic features, including a more natural-looking appearance that especially refers to the color.


Also, non-metal crowns are more solid and durable than the metal crowns.


Non-metal crowns are suitable for all teeth, including also back teeth where bigger masticatory force is performed. Due to its esthetic features, non-metal crowns are better choice for front teeth than metal ceramic crowns.


  • Because of its numerous advantages, non-metal crown is better choice than any other material.

  • When compared to non-metal crown, porcelain crown is not as resistant, solid or durable.

  • Also, when considering esthetics, non-metal crown is a better esthetic solution since its color and overall looks are more natural.


  • When compared to Emax (Lithium Disilicate) non-metal dental crowns have greater hardness, they are more solid and durable. When zirconia is being worked its surface is being polished and that makes it very smooth.

  • Since zirconia is a very strong material, it can be very thin and that means that the doctor can use more conservative approach and he will preserve more of the patient’s natural tooth.

  • Emax (Lithium Disilicate) is a material that requires some carving and delicate placement while zirconia can be cemented which makes the entire process much easier.


  • Non-metal dental crown differs from the ceramic dental crown in its hardness, while zirconia is much heavier material. Although considered a benefit of non-metal crowns, sometimes hardness can be a defect, for example in cases when it is necessary to make certain dental bridges and some elasticity of the material is required.

  • Benefit of the monolithic zirconia non-metal dental crown is that there is no chipping of the material since there is no ceramic at all to be chipped.


  • Zirconia and titanium are the only two materials that are not recognized by our body as foreign body and that is why, besides being esthetically more pleasing, zirconia is much better choice of material.

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Frequently asked questions

We are proud of the fact that our doctors have more than 25 years of experience and 98% success rate in the field of implantology. This is a good invitation for you to give us your trust and join the people to whom we restored beautiful and healthy smile; took all the pain away from and improved their quality of life. We are proud to be the architects of the smile that put their patients first.

How is zirconia non-metal dental crown cemented?

For cementing zirconia dental crowns, we use glass ionomer reinforced by acrylate or composite cement.

Are there any side-effects of zirconia non-metal dental crowns?

Non-metal dental crowns improve patient’s quality of life.

Is non-metal dental crown more resistant than porcelain dental crown?

Non-metal dental crowns are the most resistant of all crowns, therefore more resistant than porcelain dental crowns.

What are monolithic non-metal dental crowns?

These non-metal dental crowns do not have a layer of ceramic, they are made of a single piece of zirconia.

Can I have a root canal treatment even if I have non-metal dental crown?

Root canals can be treated even if the patient has a non-metal dental crown.

I have heard that non-metal crowns are extremely resistant. Is that true?

Non-metal dental crowns are the most resistant dental crowns and are extremely durable.

Do I have to wear temporary crowns until my permanent crowns are made?

Doctors provide patients with temporary crowns in order to protect trimmed teeth and to ensure a satisfactory esthetic solution while the patient is waiting for the permanent crowns.

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