What are veneers?

Veneers are thin, minimally invasive porcelain covers that are placed only on the front part of your vital tooth. They are used with the aim of changing the shape, size, direction, and color of tooth. They can also be used to cover a gap between teeth (diastema). They are extremely popular because of number of advantages when compared to other solutions. Their main advantage is the possibility of achieving the perfect smile, while removing the minimal part of the tooth.

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Types of veneers

Regarding the material and technique there are two main types of veneers, those are porcelain (ceramic) and composite veneers.

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Porcelain veneers are thin covers that are made of glass-ceramic. Optically, they can be adjusted completely to one’s needs since they can perfectly imitate healthy enamel and that is how they give the final result of natural and healthy smile. Their main characteristics are: high functionality and great esthetic features, since they do not change color over time and are resistant to chipping when compared to composite veneers. They are the most precise and most complicated dental prosthetic solution: here we can accomplish what cannot be done with any other prosthetic solution, and at the same time, this procedure is minimally invasive.


-porcelain veneers are perfect choice for a perfect individual solution, they are also very close imitation of the natural tooth, that is of enamel which makes it almost impossible to tell what is a natural tooth, and what is a veneer
-when taking into consideration functionality, the material quality and the durability, porcelain veneer is superior to composite veneer
-the cost of their fabrication is higher, more complex and takes more visits since the laboratory has to be included in most of the steps of making a porcelain veneer

Before beginning with porcelain veneer procedure, the dentist will listen to your expectations and wishes. Then he or she will do a thorough examination and use a number of diagnostic tests to establish whether you’re a good candidate for porcelain dental veneers.

To put the veneer, a small amount of your original tooth enamel has to be shaved down, usually it is only 1mm. This procedure is necessary because this is the only way to make space for a porcelain veneer so that it can blend in and imitate your natural tooth only with superior esthetic features.

Porcelain veneers are the perfect choice in cases where a natural tooth presents bad color, shape or contours. When teeth whitening is not an option, porcelain veneers are the perfect choice.

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Composite veneers are thin shells made of material that is used on an every-day basis to make white fillings. They are the perfect choice for making smaller corrections of esthetic problems and for closing gap between two front teeth. Although, they can achieve amazing results, their disadvantage is durability limited to the period of 5-7 years. The reason for their limited duration is instability of composite, the material they are made of. This material is prone to breaking and color changes because it absorbs pigments from food and drinks.

Composite veneers or porcelain veneers

-composite veneers are more affordable version of veneers and the making process is faster and more simple
-they are made during one visit only, directly in the patient’s mouth and without the participation of dental laboratory
-when compared to porcelain veneers, they are less natural, and they tend to lose their primary esthetic appearance during time

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Digital Smile Academy is the leading clinic for implantology and dental prosthetic in Croatia with a 25-year long experience and over 60.000 patients. Our 98% success rate is the reason enough for you to join us and bring beautiful and healthy smile back on your face

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We are proud of the fact that our doctors have more than 25 years of experience and 98% success rate in the field of implantology. This is a good invitation for you to give us your trust and join the people to whom we restored beautiful and healthy smile; took all the pain away from and improved their quality of life. We are proud to be the architects of the smile that put their patients first.


Digital Smile Academy is the leading clinic for implantology and dental prosthetic in Croatia. Our doctors are among the best and their knowledge is based on a 25-year long experience and over 60.000 patients. Digital Smile Academy staff is always thriving for education and keeps learning from the best experts that help us turn our visionary dreams into future.

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Academy is based on Digital Smile Design (DSD), the contemporary procedure of planning dental rehabilitation that offers the possibility of detailed planning, at the same time patient can get the real insight at the final result of their future smile. This is all about the design of smile according to which the temporary, provisional representation of new smile is made in patient’s mouth.

Digital Smile Academy

Besides the Digital Smile Design, Digital Smile Academy is also based on the digital protocol of the oral rehabilitation that can be carried out through application of digital technology. Digital data collections, dental photography and scanning of the current situation are to tools to obtain final prosthetic solution, all that without the classic imprint taking and doing multiple try-ons. This method reduces the number of patient’s visits to the clinic while the digital technology enables the creation of a natural looking teeth.

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When it comes to our patients, we are a bit old-fashioned, and that means that we truly care. Therefore, we have loyalty program to show our patients how much we care. Make your decision and come and get your perfect smile based on the latest computer technology and computer-guided placement of dental implants in real time that guarantee precision. Our surgeons have the longest experience in dental implantology in Croatia and they work only with best materials.

Frequently asked questions

Veneers are thin shells that offer high esthetic features with the minimal amount of shaving down the dental structure. Veneers can change the shape, width, and color of your teeth, and usually they are put only on front, vital teeth.

Veneers do not come off easily.


Veneers won’t ruin your teeth if they are put by an experienced dentist. As with any other dental treatment, the result always depends on right and regular dental hygiene and regular check-ups. Before putting veneers, your dentist will do a thorough dental examination and establish what your dental state is. Also, your doctor will do a number of dental procedures to see whether you are a candidate for veneers or not. If you are not the right fit for veneers your dentist will offer you another solution.

After the veneers are placed on patient’s teeth, it is extremely important that a patient does regular check-ups so that the doctor can have an insight into the state of veneers as well as the complete dental state of the patient. Veneers usually last for about five years, but with the good hygiene habits and regular doctor’s appointments they can last much longer.

Whitening gels don’t have effect with veneers. If you whiten your teeth, and the color of veneers doesn’t fit, you will have to change your veneers.


How do veneers get applied?

One of the most important steps to obtain a successful result is precise planning. When the patients come to us, if we want to make the precise and optimal plan of therapy, the detailed diagnostics that includes radiological and functional diagnostics is made and taking photos in our photo studio is obligatory. 

Based on the photos of your current smile, we use the special program to virtually create the look of your future smile taking into consideration all the esthetic parameters. We are doing our best to create an individual smile that perfectly fits your visual characteristics.

Basically, we virtually do a proposition for you. Since people find it hard to visualize the possible look of teeth, we do the mock-up, i.e. the simulation of your definite smile that can be put in your mouth, before doing any teeth trimming or shaving. This way, the patient has the ability to see the way he would look with his new smile. At the same time, the patient gets a chance to make his own suggestions regarding his new smile.

Only after that, we shave the teeth down. The dentist will shave the minimal quantity - less than 1 mm, more precisely the quantity of removed enamel is between 0,3 mm to 0,6 mm. Only the front part of the tooth is being shaved.

After the veneers are tried on and approved by the patient, the dentist will cement them permanently so they will be strong, resistant, highly functional, and of course, esthetic.


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